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About Compost

We are a team of community development professionals who have been working in east London’s Voluntary Community Sector  for many years.


We came together around a shared concern about the diminishing infrastructure support for the Voluntary and Community Sector, across London. Recognising the important role this plays in maintaining a robust and thriving voluntary sector we decided to map out a menu of services that we believe will be of most use to a range of organisations.

The team

Anne Crisp


Caroline Rouse


Chelle Coulton


Nafisa Patel


Briony Fleming


Keith Ansell

Community Engagement Manager

Tahreem Noor

Community Engagement Manager: Compost Newham

Patricia Donkor

Newham ESOL Exchange Coordinator

Timothy Lam

Communications and Data Volunteer

We offer a wide range of services to help VCS organisations grow.

Whether you need personalized mentoring, tailored research or help with your strategy development, we've got you covered. Our goal is simple: to help your organization grow, develop, and thrive.