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The Nourish Fund

The Nourish Fund makes funding of up to £2,000 available to enable small or newly set-up organisations to access our paid-for services, that they may not otherwise be able to afford.

The Nourish Fund is there to support small or newly set up organisations in London access the high-quality expertise on offer at Compost London. It is designed to help your organisation grow, develop or become more sustainable.

What's on offer?

You can apply to the fund for up to £2,000 to cover the costs of services which will enable you to build the skills, knowledge or systems within your organisation (we call this building an organisation's capacity).

We recognise that it is often difficult to find the money to invest in the development or growth of your organisation and our small bursary scheme is designed to ensure that groups who are typically least able to access this type of support may benefit.

Who can apply the Nourish Fund?

The Nourish fund is designed to support small and start- up Voluntary Community and Faith Sector Organisations to be better at what they do.

To apply for a grant at least one of the following should be true for your organisation:

your income in the last year was £20,000 or less.

you received £10,000 or less in grants in the last year.

you have been formally set up/constituted for 3 years or less.

How do I apply

As a first step please carefully read the Nourish Fund Guidance Document below.

If you meet the criteria above and feel the Compost London Nourish Fund is suitable for you please download and complete the application form.

Our application form is in Microsoft word and we ask that you email this to us. If for some reason this will not work for you please send us an email to ask for guidance.

Once you are happy please email your completed application form to

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Find out more

We strongly recommend getting in touch with us by email ahead of an application so we can discuss your organisational needs.

We're preparing a report to share more details on our work. For urgent matters regarding this page, please contact us at:

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