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The Evaluation Exchange

A project in partnership with UCL (University College London) providing a unique learning opportunity for voluntary and community sector organisations to gain skills in evaluation and impact.

What is the evaluation exchange?

The Evaluation Exchange is a programme which connects Voluntary Community and Faith Sector (VCS) organisations in Newham and Camden with teams of postgraduate students and researchers at UCL to form a collaborative partnership and jointly solve an evaluation challenge (such as designing an evaluation plan, developing surveys, analysing existing data).

Compost London work with the team at UCL to support organisations to build their capabilities around evaluation. We work in different ways with each group depending on their needs. At the heart of everything we do is supporting organisations, students and researchers to work together, to break down barriers to accessing different evidence and build evaluation and research skills that work in the real world.

Who is the Evaluation Exchange for?

The Evaluation Exchange is a programme for VCS groups wanting to improve their capacity to evaluate their work, and postgraduate students and researchers who want to put their research and evaluation skills into practice in a real-life setting.

What happens?

Each Evaluation Exchange programme we run is slightly different as we respond to the needs of the specific organisations we work with. Generally, VCS organisations and researchers apply to take part. They are matched together in small teams and work together for 6 months to come up with a collaborative solution to an evaluation challenge posed by the organisation in their application.

Compost London and UCL deliver training to support these small teams to realise their goals and to provide support and guidance.

In the most recent iteration of the programme, Voluntary Action Camden also came on board to support groups in Newham.

Applications to the Evaluation Exchange are currently closed, but we hope to be able to share project updates in the near future.

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