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Newham ESOL Exchange

Newham ESOL Exchange is a network of people and organisations working together to improve English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) in Newham.

Newham ESOL Exchange was established in 2008 with a recognition that ESOL provision (English for Speakers of Other Languages) across the borough was disorganised and often disjointed. The Exchange network wanted to improve this as they saw how difficult it was for newly arrived or migrant communities to navigate around available support for jobs, education and health. Today, the Exchange works with voluntary, community, statutory and private organisations and individual tutors to achieve this aim. Until May 2019 the Exchange was managed by Aston-Mansfield's Community Involvement Unit, with the closure of this unit this role has now passed on to Compost London.

What Newham ESOL Exchange does.

Newham ESOL Exchange delivers a range of services across the network to improve the experience of learners in the borough. These include:

Raising awareness of issues and trends related to ESOL services and provision.
Facilitating information sharing and collaboration with services relevant to ESOL learners. This has included schools, health services, and the job centre.
Producing resources for those supporting ESOL learners.
Managing an online directory of ESOL classes.
Delivering an affordable Continuing Professional Development programme for tutors and volunteers.
Running a number of meetings and events throughout the year, so that network members can grow and strengthen their relationships.

What is the online directory?

The Newham ESOL Exchange online directory brings together information about the range of ESOL courses taking place across Newham. It is designed for ESOL learners or those supporting them to help find an appropriate course.

The classes on the map are for learners at different levels and usually run all over Newham on different days and times. Courses might be long or short and with or without exams. Most classes are free and the directory is designed to help you find a class that's right for you.

If you can't find what you need you can email the exchange or call on 07888369335

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Find out more

If you would like to find out more about Newham ESOL Exchange or join it's membership you can email the team below. If you'd like to visit the online directory of classes you can click the button below.


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Implementing your Safeguarding policy

July 17, 2023 13:30

This face-to-face workshop will focus on implementing a safeguarding policy. It will provide opportunities to discuss what needs to be included in a policy and how to ensure it is understood and used.

St. John's Church, Stratford Broadway, E15 1NG

Writing your Safeguarding Policy

June 26, 2023 13:30

face-to-face workshop for Voluntary and Community Sector Organisation's on how to write, and use, a safeguarding policy

St. John's Church, Stratford Broadway, London, E15 1NG
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