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Welcome to our brand new look

June 25, 2023

We've been working with 'tech for good' company Big Lemon to co-produce a new website and brand

New look - same us!

For the last few months we've been working with Big Lemon to help us plan and design a new website and brand. We've undertaken this work to make the services we deliver easier to understand and to navigate and to help make the work we do, more visible.

Why now?

Over the last 18 months, as we've been delivering the Compost Newham programme of work, groups have been telling us about what they use our website for and how it could often be difficult to understand where to go for different information they might need.

We're really good at collaborating with groups and delivering our services, but we're much less good at the 'techy' side of things, and so we brought on Big Lemon to help us think about how best to respond to some of these concerns. Big Lemon describe themselves as 'tech for good'; they want to build digital products that help make a positive impact and they're passionate about co-production, which sounded great to us as we're also driven by doing things together.

So we delivered a short series of workshops to better understand what the website needed to do, and what ideas might and might not work.

What you can see today is the result of these conversations and a lot of back and forth about how to get a *lot* of information into a short and digestible website that people could navigate around easily.

We're now in our testing phase, we've launched the website and our new brand and we're going to take the next few months to see how it's working and think about how we and you (!) use our site.

We hope you like it - we're really excited for our brand new look - and we welcome feedback on what we might want to consider in the future.


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