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Compost London is recruiting. Funding Sustainability Consultant

May 15, 2024

Compost London is seeking an expert Funding Sustainability Consultant to create a robust plan for financially sustaining network activities for our community research groups, between May and June. Is this YOU? Find out more and apply now to

Compost London is seeking to commission a funding consultant who can develop a comprehensive financial sustainability plan for the We Are Newham Community Research Network, to ensure further implementation funding is secured ensuring the success of the programme.

Background: UK Research and Innovation (UKRI)has awarded £25,000 in the first phase of its £3.6 million Community Research Networks programme. The "We Are Newham" Community Research Network has received initial scoping funding to set up a research network centred on marginalised groups in Newham, including refugees, young people with SEND, and minority ethnic women. The goal is to build grassroots research capability within these groups to drive community priorities and social change.

An application for £1 million 5-year implementation funding will be submitted in late June 2024. However, there is no guarantee funding will be secured. Therefore, we seek to commission an expert financial sustainability planning consultant to create a robust plan for financially sustaining network activities beyond the scoping phase.

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